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Royal weddingWith wedding fever about to hit the nation it's difficult to ignore the upcoming nuptials. Whether you are looking forward to it or not, with a world event about to take place we’re sure you’ll be looking for activities to link to the Big Day!



Start things off by finding out who’s who at a wedding by exploring The wedding photo. What could be more fun than recreating this with members of your own class?

Children can research their very own wedding celebration with this Finding out activity.


A real life fairy tale such as this offers the opportunity to take a look at the classic story of Cinderella. Describe Cinderella and then have a look at the other members of the cast with this Comparing Cinderella characters worksheet.


Make your own worksheets with NEW Cruncher whizzy tool!

Get whizzyMake a wide variety of worksheets with this handy tool. Simply paste in the text and let it do the work for you!

»Visit our whizzy ideas page for more great ways to make your own interactive resources.

Hurray! More NEW resources available for Oxford Reading Tree :-)

FloppyCome and check out our ever increasing library of resources for Oxford Reading Tree – with resources for stages 4 and 5 now online.  Take a look at materials for The Crab Dragon, Green Planet Kids, Crunch!, House for Sale, The Storm,  Come In!, The Missing Crystal, The Magic KeyPirate Adventure and The Dragon Tree.

» A set of free sample activities are also still available this way.

A technical tip

* Please note that, like many of our materials, all the Oxford Reading Tree resources use our favourite font; Sassoon Primary Infant. If you don't have this font installed on your computer you'll still be able to use them but the page formatting may be affected. Most schools should have Sassoon fonts, so a word with your administrator might be helpful, or you could follow this link to buy the Sassoon font set.


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