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Is a pleasure  for me to have you as a visitor in our site , as you know this is a new tool  for all teachers in Santa Cruz and around the world and also it offer  many different ways to help you in your daily work as a teacher , such as Elementary School Teachers and High School Teachers .

About Tichers Santa Cruz

Teachers Santa Cruz  is a tried and trusted education resource will be used by  teachers in Santa Cruz , Guanacaste and , nationwide.

Specialising in English online Teachers  library offers 13,333 pages of classroom materials, schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching tools, all created by working and excellent teachers in Santa Cruz and around the world also - thanks to our team of Teachit contributors - constantly growing.

 Teachers Santa Cruz  now represents a huge online community of teachers sharing resources to help focus their efforts in planning lessons.

It  takes a unique approach to educational publishing. the online library of learning resources rapidly gathered its own momentum as her colleagues discovered the value of sharing their teaching materials. A compelling example of the true utility of the internet, Teachers Santa Cruz will  grew unstoppably in response to its users' needs.

Teachers Santa Cruz shares a proportion of its subscription revenues with the teachers who contribute materials.

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Manuel Arrieta Briceño

English Teacher - Webmaster of  Tichers Santa Cruz

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