OK , Tichers , as I promised, here is the English Digital Report  2012 for I  & II cycles, only you have to do is change my information for yours , just in  case if you do not understand it , please send me an email and we will agree to meet as well, remenber ,   before open  the software you need to install the

  1. Accessruntime.rar software first
  2. install the Academic Digital Report

         You  can download down here !!

Registro Digital 2011 Secundaria y Asignaturas Complementarias, AccessRuntime, Presentacion PPT, Funcionalidades

Programas de Estudio Inglés   I y II , III Ciclos

Size : 948 Kb
Type : aspx
_PROGRAMA_001.aspx _PROGRAMA_001.aspx
Size : 948 Kb
Type : aspx

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